Terms and Conditions

By paying a deposit for makeup and hairstyling services you will be acknowledging and agreeing to the below terms and conditions with Shelly Bhandari (ABN: 77 918 929 031). It is important that you read through these prior to paying a deposit for your booking.


In order to secure a booking a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required (electronically or in cash). No bookings are confirmed without a deposit and the date/time you enquire for will be available for others to book until the deposit has been received. Once the deposit has been paid, proof of transfer (if paid electronically) is required to be sent to Shelly via text/email etc.

Final Payment

The remaining balance for your booking is required to be paid on the day of the event prior to the commencement of service/s. I am currently only accepting payments in the form of exact cash on the day of the booking or beforehand. If additional services have been added on the day of the booking, subject to my availability, the payment for these must also be paid for on the day.


Prices are set to reflect Shelly’s experience and skills, ongoing training, quality of services, the time spent for each service and the quality of makeup/products used to carry out the service/s. Regardless of whether you are after “heavy or light/simple makeup” or have “short or long hair” prices remain as per the price list provided to you. Prices may change periodically without notice however any quotes provided to you within 3 weeks will be honoured.

It is important that you advise when enquiring/booking if you are a bride (includes but is not limited to engagement, mehndi, walima, reception, haloud, sangeet brides etc.) so that prices for the correct service/s is provided to you. Shelly values all her clients equally and believes in providing the best service to everyone however it must be understood that there is a significant difference in the services provided to brides and non-bridal clients regardless of a soft or full glam makeup/makeup and hair look .

Travel/Call out Fee

Shelly bases most of her work in Western Sydney (Blacktown Area), NSW and also offers to travel to your location for which a call out fee applies. Travel is usually offered for brides or if there is a minimum of two non-bridal clients, however there may be exceptions at Shelly’s discretion. As the call out fee varies based on the number of people and location, please ask for a quote by providing the exact location when you enquire/make a booking. If the location happens to change after you have booked, it is solely your responsibility to inform Shelly as soon as you are aware and accept that there may be a variation in the call out fee which will be provided to you upon your advice. Should you require Shelly to travel to a second (third etc.) location nearby, even down the road, an additional fee will apply as it will require time to re-pack, travel and unpack again – this request may also be refused depending on the schedule for the day unless agreed to beforehand.


If travel is required, particularly to a hotel or an apartment, arrangements for parking will need to be made prior Shelly’s arrival. Any charges for parking will also need to be covered for by the client. Please note that parking is not included in the travel quote unless agreed otherwise.

Early Morning/Late Night Starts

An additional $50 to $250 will apply for bookings that need to commence before 7 AM or after 6 PM depending on the time and location.


As stated above, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable if you decide to cancel your booking. A time slot has been blocked for you and as such other clients are turned away so that services can be provided to you. If you cancel your booking less than 14 days before your event the full amount as per your original booking is required to be paid in full.

It is very important that you clearly communicate in writing (preferably via email) about the details of what is required by Shelly on the day. You must provide the date, ready time, correct number of people, address and phone number. If you choose to change services for your booking and have not communicated everything in detail with Shelly, including details of the location, time and number of people etc. at Shelly’s discretion she holds the right to refuse to provide all the services as initially agreed to particularly if this affects other bookings and Shelly’s schedule on the day. This also applies if you are running significantly behind with your own schedule for your booking.

Time Slots

Please be mindful that you would have been advised and allocated a time slot for you booking. In the event you are running late please inform Shelly as soon as practicable. Please also understand that significant delays may affect the overall process and quality of service as well as disturbing both yours and Shelly’s schedule. If you are running significantly behind on schedule additional charges may apply for the additional time ($30 per half hour) spent beyond your actual booking finish time.

Change in original booking plans

If for any reason there is a change in plans for your booking after a booking has been secured (e.g. less number of people/service than what the booking was for) causing a reduction in the total amount to be paid as initially agreed, at Shelly’s discretion the full amount as per the original booking will still need to be paid for on the day of the event. A time slot would have been allocated and blocked for you based on the original booking and efforts would have been made to prepare for your entire booking and other bookings would have been turned away for yours.

Additional Services/People

On the day if you require services in addition to what you have booked for this may be done at Shelly’s discretion, subject to timing and must be paid for on the day.

Refunds Post Makeup/Makeup and Hair Service

Shelly is under no obligation to issue you a refund if you are not satisfied with her services and as such the onus is on you to inform Shelly at the time of makeup application/hairstyling if there is anything concerning you that you would like to have changed.

Renting Hair Extension and Returns

Hair extensions rented by Shelly when having your hair styled by her are offered on the condition of a refundable bond as specified by Shelly plus the fee specified to rent. In the event the hair extensions are not returned to Shelly as specified or are received with any sort of damage or missing pieces, Shelly has the right to forfeit the bond and charge any additional fees to cover the expense of replacement hair extensions. 

Photography/Videography and Copyrights

As an artist, it is very important for Shelly to consistently update her portfolio to demonstrate her work to potential and future brides. All photos and videos taken/recorded by Shelly are her property and may be used on her website and social media platforms as well as for marketing purposes. 

Disclosure of Allergies/Medical Conditions

All products and tools used by Shelly to provide services are of top quality, kept clean and sanitised for each client. It is your responsibility to advise Shelly about any allergies you have to certain products or ingredients, skin conditions, medical conditions, head lice etc. before the commencement of the service. In the event you fail to do so, you agree not to hold Shelly accountable for any complications due to an allergic reaction or condition following the makeup/hair service. You may provide your own products however do note that this may affect the longevity and results of your makeup application. Please also note that in some cases, keeping the hygiene, safety and wellbeing of others in mind, services may need to be denied due to some conditions such as head lice, conjunctivitis, COVID symptoms etc.


If you have made a booking for hair styling, your hair must be clean, completely dry, frizz free (straightened beforehand if very curly) and ready to be styled on the day of the booking as blow drying is not included in any of Shelly’s packages. Shelly sends a message/email with preparation instructions closer to the date of your booking – following these instructions will assist in efficiency, ensure quality and longevity of your makeup and/or hairstyle.

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