Getting Bridal Ready

Every bride-to-be has a vision of what she wants her wedding to look like, from the venue and décor to the way she will look. So much research is put into the details but you still tend to miss some of the little things. In order to help you be as prepared as possible I have collated some tips and suggestions for you to prepare for your makeup, hair and styling process – after all it will be your beautiful photos that you will look back at later on so why not make the most of it. Please note that all the suggestions and advice provided are solely personal opinions and are being suggested following my experience after working with many brides in the past – please consult a professional if you are unsure about trying something new.


While makeup does wonders to enhance your features and give you a glowup, it will look 100 times better if done on a good canvas. No one has “perfect skin,” but following the below tips will help you get there.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking three to four litres of water every day as soon as you can or at least start to build up on increasing the amount you already drink.
  • Maintain a healthy diet with lots of greens and avoid any food that you know may trigger breakouts for you.
  • Whilst having facial hair free skin is ideal under makeup, avoid waxing or laser treatments less than 1-2 weeks prior to your event as any reactions from such treatments may affect the appearance of your makeup application. If you are unable to remove facial hair until closer to  your event/s, consider dermaplanning – watch some YouTube videos to learn how you can carefully do this.
  • Invest in regularly using a hydrating mask suitable for your skin type during days leading up to your big day/pre-wedding events – pamper yourself. Also exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times a week to remove dead skin and reveal a smooth canvas for your makeup. If you particularly have sensitive or acne prone skin, use an exfoliating mask rather than a physical scrub to avoid irritating your skin.
  • Regardless of how tired you are, do not go to bed with any makeup on and religiously follow a good night-time skin care routine. You’ll find that skincare can be rewarding, leaving you with a nice glow and smooth skin which will require less makeup. Oh and do get as much sleep as possible.
  • Regularly exfoliate your lips if they are cracked or super dry. A quick and gentle scrub with your toothbrush will do the trick or you can use a soft lip scrub to achieve the same results – don’t forget to moisturise your lips afterwards. Your lip colour will last longer after being applied to a smooth base. 

 Haircare and Styling 

  • Just like your skin, invest in a good haircare routine – think masks, conditioners, oiling and treatments. If you have greys, touch up your roots too – not necessary if you prefer not to but it does help if you have many visible strands. 
  • Big hair, don’t care! If you’re keen on intricate or voluminous hairstyles, opt for hair extensions especially if you have fine, short and/or not very dense hair.
  • On the day of your booking/s, please ensure your hair is dry, frizz free and straightened or preferably blow dried. Ideally when hair is washed a day before, it locks in some moisture and allows your hairstyle to hold better. If you need to wash it on the same day, that’s okay, however please ensure your hair is dry, frizz free and ready to work on as stated above. If you are bringing your own hair extensions to be added to your hair, please ensure they are also clean, tangle free and ready for use.

Planning, Preparations & Trials

  • It is ideal to have a makeup trial well before your event/s. This will give us both the opportunity to understand what needs to be achieved for the actual event and prepare accordingly. Sharing your concerns about anything in particular you like when applying makeup at this point will save us time later on (for example if you have a particular way of having your eyebrows filled, your hair styled or lips coloured etc.). If for any reason you are unable to or choose not to have a trial, send through photos of yourself with and without makeup in natural lighting and of your hair. Also advise what shade and brand of foundation you use – I keep a range of shades with me but having an idea beforehand will allow me to pack a shade range accordingly for non-studio bookings. 
  • Once you have decided what outfit/s you will be wearing, get in touch with me so we can plan the look/s you would like for your event/s. Keep in mind the colour/s of your dress, the jewellery you’ll be wearing and the time of the day. Share your ideas with me so that I can share some ideas and be prepared with any specific items within scope of your package needed to achieve the look you’d like. Although I happily jump between ideas if requested, being prepared and having a plan in place really helps. Send through photos of your dress/es, jewellery and hair and makeup looks. 
  • For your booking date/s, have your bridal outfit, veil/dupatta and accessories ready. You may need to have your blouse or dress (depending on the neckline) and necklace/s on to avoid your hair and makeup being ruined afterwards. Being prepared is key to ensure everything is completed on time. If you are having your saree draped by me, please have an ironing board and iron handy for banarsi silk sarees – other softer materials should be okay and I may not require an iron. 
  • If convenient (for non-studio bookings), it would be great if a bar stool/high chair is available for your makeup application. I completely understand if a stool is not available, as such a normal chair will do. A room with sufficient or good natural lighting, a standard table or flat area to lay products and tools on and a tall/medium sized mirror would also be greatly appreciated. 
  • If you are having getting ready shots taken, I would suggest you plan to have your makeup and hair completed before the photographer/videographers arrive. This way we can stage some pretty looks for the camera and set your veil at the end. 


As part of your bridal package a bridal touch-up kit will be provided however, you may find it handy to keep a couple of other items on you, particularly if you have a long wedding day and no change of makeup/hair. I’ve put together a list of additional items that you may wish to keep with you for your big day.

  • Blotting paper or facial tissues in case you have area of your face that become oily – this should be unlikely as I use products and techniques to ensure longevity of your makeup but there’s no harm to play safe at least on your big day. I personally find using a layer of facial tissue to be much better than blotting paper as it’s softer and won’t remove your foundation like blotting paper sometimes does. 
  • Setting spray to spray your face a couple of times during the day – should not be required but an extra bit of security won’t hurt. It’s an amazing product but ensure you don’t overdo this as too much can end up moving your makeup and also ensure you don’t use a hydrating spray and actually a spray that sets your makeup in place.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your plans, feel free to shoot me a message – I’m always happy to assist and have a chat.

Shelly xx